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Monsters of Verity Review

I was roaming the Bookstagram-verse about a month ago when these two books began popping up everywhere. I’m a sucker for a pretty book, and these books are just that. The story-line sounded like it was in my wheelhouse, so I had to get them.

Let me start out by saying that This Savage Song was better than Our Dark Duet. I feel like ODD had so much potential after everything that was set up in TSS, but the ball was dropped big time. Upon reading of other’s reviews on Goodreads, I learned that Schwab had an extremely hard time writing ODD and getting it finished; so much so, she tweeted about the painful process constantly. You can

definitely feel that in reading the second book. The introduction of characters we never see again, main character’s whose inner monologues keep repeating the same things over and over again to the point of boredom, and an ending that was predictable and honestly didn’t wreck me like it should have.

Kate was one of those characters that had me struggling with “Do I like this person? No, no I don’t” to “Okay, maybe I’m starting to warm up to her” and back and forth. I never did fully warm up to her in the end. I did, however, love August and his character; he was my favorite thing about these books.

Something I really struggled with the most while reading these was the connection between Kate and August. Schwab is really a lovely writer and I like her style, but for me, she just doesn’t do a good enough job making a romantic connection between two characters who are supposed to have one. I know I’ll be in the unpopular opinion on this one, but this is also how I felt when reading

A Darker Shade of Magic with Lila and Kell. I was really hoping they would have a stronger connection that I felt could’ve been made stronger with each of their inner monologues containing more about their feelings for each other and how much they meant to one another.

Looking past the fact I couldn’t get into Kate and August as an OTP, the story itself was really unique and original, and I feel like it reflects how our world is today. I would love to hear your thoughts about these books! Please comment and share!



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