Giveaway Update: Now International!

I’m excited to announce that my Instagram giveaway has gone live today and I’ve made it international!!

It’s a two-winner giveaway with two separate prize packs!

The first is Harry Potter-themed and includes:

  1. Hogwarts Library box-set
  2. Marauder’s Map journal
  3. Hogwarts house crest page clip set
  4. Hermione Granger FunkoPop keychain
  5. Draco Malfoy FunkoPop ink pen

The second prize pack contains:

  1. This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet (hardcover) by Victoria Schwab
  2. “I Read Past My Bedtime” mug
  3. “Written In The Stars” journal
  4. Book Nerd page clip set
  5. Bob Ross happy little mints

You can find out how to enter and the official rules here


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